Who is a YWAM Associate ?

Who is a YWAM Associate ?

A « YWAM Associate » is
- a former staff of YWAM
- anyone who has served part-time with Mission Builders, King’s Kids, short-term outreaches, or in any other way
- friends & family who’ve given their children / parents and their support to the mission

- church leaders who’ve trusted us with their members
- supporters of former or current YWAM Staff 
- anyone whose heart is with us

Some words from YWAM leaders

John Dawson, President of YWAM: « YWAM Associates could be described as the largest ministry emanating from YWAM. A few years ago, we estimated that there are millions of people who have participated in our training schools and outreaches. That’s you! That’s YWAM Associates International. »

Loren & Darlene Cunningham, Founders of Youth With A Mission: « You who have served in YWAM are part of a huge multitude – perhaps three or four million strong. Think of this great throng as seeds, scattered and sown into the whole world, scattered and sown into all the different areas of society. »
« Thank you for your service to YWAM – whether it was for a few weeks, or for many years. So, wherever God has planted you, bloom in that garden, be a sweet fragrance right where you are. We are thankful for relationship with you – and remember, you are still part of our family. »

Our values
YWAM Associates International is a ministry of Youth With A Mission. Our mission is to encourage and build up those who have served in, and been trained by, YWAM, through…
… Championing them as nation-disciplers wherever God has planted them in the mission fields of the seven arenas of society (home, church, media, education, the arts, business & government and healthcare) in order that they might fulfil God’s destiny for their lives.
… Strengthening them in their transition from missions to life after YWAM – helping to equip them as missions-minded activists for the rest of their lives. … Valuing each individual, in or out of the mission. We aim to maintain relationships purely for the sake of those relationships (no hidden agendas).
… Networking former YWAMers with each other for mutual encouragement and possible sharing of ministry / giving in their own spheres of influence.

What we do
YWAM Associates offers Renewal Gatherings called « inTouch Camps » which are week-long « YWAM family » reunions in a good quality, spring or summertime fun and holiday setting.
We also offer occasional day reunions.
Newsletters are sent monthly by e-mail.
We run groups on Facebook for Associates in different countries as well as a YWAM Associates Europe Facebook Group.

The fine print…
We make the assumption that everyone who leaves YWAM is in the will of God – we make no effort to re-recruit people. We do not fund-raise, though like all YWAM ministries, we are faith-based (God and His people have been faithful to provide to this ministry for a quarter of a century).